Life is too Short to Paint all Your Toenails

Things I have done out of sheer laziness/time mismanagement:

  1. Curled (or straightened) half of my hair, only to realize that I’m running late. This results in a half-up do or top bun that I totally planned.
  2. The walk-of-shame out of my room with an armful of empty water bottles because the kitchen is too far away to walk each one there on its own.
  3. Covered up smeared mascara/eyeliner with extra cover-up in order not to waste makeup wipes (those things are hella expensive). Also because I refused to redo any of my makeup.
  4. Shaved my legs only up to my knees, if that was all that would be exposed (IN MY DEFENSE, I knew a girl who would only shave the patches of her legs that would show through her ripped jeans; I think she outdid me).
  5. I tuck my sheets in VERY tightly after washing them so I can’t “unmake” the bed as much, which makes it way easier to make the bed.

And my crowning moment of laziness:

6. Once, I was going to wear open-toed shoes that showed only two toenails on each foot. In an effort to minimize my work, and being the clever little thing that I am, I decided to only paint the toenails that people would actually see. My cousin laughed, but I only had to paint 40% of my nails 😊


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