Conversation With My Mother in Front of Strangers

Today I was having a riveting conversation with my dear mother about what I’m planning to make for dinner tomorrow night (I know, we’re incredibly exciting people). I was explaining to her that I wanted to make the chiles rellenos she makes, which are really one of the few things she makes that I could even begin to replicate with my total lack of cooking skills. As we’re discussing ingredients, I explain that I have already bought the peppers, and with my hands I begin to demonstrate to my mother how big the peppers are.

Totally normal, right?

Sure. If we had been talking face-to-face. Which we were not.

I realized my mistake as I glanced around me and noticed the confused expressions of a couple people that happened to be nearby, likely wondering why I was gesticulating to a person I was having a conversation with on the phone.

It hit me then that my mother could not see what I was doing with my hands, and as my great mistake became clear, I slowly lowered my hand and walked away from the strangers, who are likely judging me right now from the comfort of their own home. Or maybe not. Probably not.


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