My Awkwardness Forced me to Eat Healthy Today

It has happened. The beginning of another semester is upon us.

For those of us who are returning to school, the awkwardness of the first day back may be all too familiar. Do I know this person well enough to say hello? Do I ask them about that somewhat unimportant detail of their life they mentioned last semester? How much about my break does anyone actually care to hear?

It’s torture.

Today I was walking with someone from a class. It was time for me to grab lunch before my next class, but there was a problem. I wanted a hot dog. And this person was in the middle of a sentence as we passed the hot dog stand. So I continued to walk, thinking I would come back after the conversation.

Except, the conversation continued, and we got further and further from the delicious hot dogs.

Eventually we ended up at the food court. The healthy food court. The healthy food court with no hot dogs. The healthy food court where instead of hot dogs they sell vegetables wrapped in more vegetables.

It was much too late to go back by that point. It was done. I was forced to eat mushrooms wrapped in spinach  (not that I’m really complaining, it was actually really delicious), all because I don’t know how to politely interrupt someone to say, “I’m actually headed this way, see you next classs!”

So glad to be back!


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