Sometimes I Realize My Mistakes As I’m Laying In Bed Reflecting On My Day

Head in Hands

I realize this statue is depicting a very sorrowful man realizing he’s done something horrendous, but believe me when I say, this is also how I feel when I think of all the embarrassing situations I somehow put myself in.

My brain seems to have this switch that I like to call the “Instead of Falling Asleep Let’s Think Back on all the Dumb Things You’ve Ever Done Until You Pass Out From Crying or the Sun Rises and It’s Too Late to Get Any Sleep” switch. It turns on every so often, and it’s always a lovely time. When the switch is on there’s nothing to do but embrace the stories and hope with time they seem a little less devastating (which is sometimes the case).

Last night as I turned off all technological devices, settled my frizzy head on my less-than-comfortable pillow, and pulled all the blankets around me to near-suffocation… the switch flipped.

Fine. I had nothing going on early next morning, BRING IT BRAIN.

My brain brought it, I was not prepared.

Right when I thought I was miraculously slipping into sleep, I remembered ninth grade me listening to a teacher talk about her hometown, Cleveland. Having no filter, I shouted out, “There’s a rap song about Cleveland, you should listen to it!” and I went on to explain the name of the song, the artist, etc. What I failed to realize in my own head was that this teacher was very conservative, and that I didn’t know her well enough to be sharing this kind of information about my musical preferences. When I got home I was listening to the song again, and sure enough it said something about a “bad b***h.” Not the impression I wanted to make as the quarter started…

I don’t know if she actually listened to the song or not. But the switch was on, so my mind was convinced that she must have, that she hates me for it, and that I was a horrible student.

I should really take up exercising, I hear it makes it easier to fall asleep.


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