Kids’ Communication > Adults’ Communication

I’ve been thinking about the way people of all ages communicate lately, and I noticed something really interesting of my own experiences.

I think growing up has had quite the impact on my communication skills. The effects are both positive and negative for sure, but here’s a few things I noticed over the past couple weeks about how kids communicate:

  1. Kids will say ANYTHING that pops into their little minds.
  2. Kids will hit you with the truth.
  3. Kids (more than anyone else probably) love praise for saying something funny/witty/smart etc.
  4. Kids want to be friends with everyone
  5. Kids will pick up on the tiniest similarities and build an entire friendship out of it.
  6. Kids will spend hours doing mundane things with other kids for the simple fact that they can (My 8 year old brother spent an hour playing with our two cousins (8 and 11)). The game literally consisted of throwing guayabas at each other to see who could hit the hardest.

Obviously these are generalizations I’m making, all kids have personalities and some are not as outspoken as others. But as I spent the last two weeks of my life surrounded by my extended family, I realized how much harder it is to talk to them now than when I was younger.

Nothing much has changed except our ages, and maybe some interests here and there. Yet as a kid it was so easy to walk up and say, “wanna play a game?” or “let’s go buy candy” or even “hey I’m bored let’s do something.” Now it seems like a miracle if any of us can think of something to talk about that isn’t “how’s school?” or “how old are you now?”

I miss the days of that instant connection; I’d leave for months and come back to my friends, not acquaintances.

It’d be nice to revert back to childhood in that sense, to that ease of language and friendship. Maybe it’s something to work on that’s achievable based on my own effort.


This is the lovely little playground I had many adventures on as a wee second grader 🙂


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