Five Awkward Questions No One Wants to Address During the Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us!

Holidays are a time to celebrate, be happy, and be with family. Or if you’re me, you do all of the above, but awkwardly.

Perhaps I could do a better job of communicating normally if I wasn’t put on the spot to answer questions I’d rather not.

Questions most of us wish to avoid answering may include:

  1. Where’s your significant other?
  2. When are you going to settle down?
  3. How are classes going? (Not necessarily awkward, but sometimes painful to answer when finals are nearing).
  4. Why are you so attached to your pet, you know it’s just an animal, right?
  5. Is that your third plate of food?

What are some questions you wish your family members would just stop asking? Let’s hear some in the comments!




3 thoughts on “Five Awkward Questions No One Wants to Address During the Holidays

  1. Oh my goodness, all of these are mortifying. To be honest, my mother is not on speaking terms with my sister and me because of a bad reaction to a similar onslaught of questioning 😛

    Another goodie: What are you going to do with your linguistics (or other “useless” major) degree?

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    1. Oh no! This type of questioning can go south very quickly!
      Before I decided I wanted to be a teacher I constantly got “An English degree? What do you even do with that?” I learned that silly answers like “Probably be broke forever” were one way to get people to stop putting down my degree 🙂

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