Five Awkward Questions No One Wants to Address During the Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us!

Holidays are a time to celebrate, be happy, and be with family. Or if you’re me, you do all of the above, but awkwardly.

Perhaps I could do a better job of communicating normally if I wasn’t put on the spot to answer questions I’d rather not.

Questions most of us wish to avoid answering may include:

  1. Where’s your significant other?
  2. When are you going to settle down?
  3. How are classes going? (Not necessarily awkward, but sometimes painful to answer when finals are nearing).
  4. Why are you so attached to your pet, you know it’s just an animal, right?
  5. Is that your third plate of food?

What are some questions you wish your family members would just stop asking? Let’s hear some in the comments!




The More People Present, The Less I Can Speak

Picture this scene:

At a small gathering, there are about six people (including myself) present. Everyone is exchanging stories, laughing about old times. For me, this is fine. This is comfortable. I can join the conversation, no problem.

Fast forward a couple hours. More people have shown up. The numbers are now in the double digits, upwards of 10 ten people are there. This is… difficult. I can try to join the conv- nope, the subject changed, I didn’t chime up fast enough. I can join a small group maybe..? Except, there’s only one empty chair in a corner where no one else is.

Looks like that’ll be my spot.

My puppy joined me though. So that was nice.


Celebrate Good Talks, Come on!

Do you ever just want to hug yourself after you have a solid conversation with someone? You’re walking away from a person and you’re thinking, “Yeah! Go me! I can converse! I have social skills!”

If you know the feeling I’m talking about, you may agree that it’s pretty amazing.

I held a 10-minute conversation today without thinking myself a goofball throughout ANY of it. These images do a nice job of summing up how I felt inside:









Ending Awkward Interactions 101

For any Aziz Ansari fans out there:

I was watching an episode of his new Netflix series “Master of None” last night. In the opening scenes, Dev (Ansari) is asking out a girl, and he seems a little nervous about it. The girl agrees to go to a show with him, and after they exchange information neither is saying anything, they’re both laughing nervously and Dev says, “So… I guess that’s the end of this interaction.”

Aziz Ansari has figured out the secret to ending an awkward interaction. Bless him.

Sleep is for the Dead (And the Mentally Sane)

It’s officially that point in the semester where I get no sleep because I stay up trying to be productive, yet I struggle to be productive because 2 am is not the best time to read (and actually comprehend) a 20 page article on feminist theory. Will I learn that staying up late yields very little results and only works to turn me into an unsociable creature for the next 24 hours? Probably not any time soon.