Email Correspondence Will Forever Baffle Me

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We are clearly living in a world where using the internet is almost unavoidable. Being an avid user of more sites than I’d like to admit, I kind of love this. The technology that has become so prevalent in my life is amazing, but I have to say, there’s one thing I’ve always disliked: email. When I set up my very first email account at the completely immature age of 12, I could not have been more excited. I didn’t have a cellphone until I was 16, so email and phone-calls were my main methods of communication with friends. Of course, my email account was not used the way it is today. The important part of having an email back then was the oh-so-marvelous “Instant messaging” feature.

As wonderful as it was sending cryptic messages back and forth with friends, the actual use of email today usually baffles me. Every email sent begins with a chaotic scene in my brain:

“Okay. “Dear,”… No. That sounds weird, this isn’t a letter. What about “Hello”? But that’s so plain and boring. Their name, I’ll just start off with their name. Now the actual message… Let’s see. I know what I need to say. How do I say it professionally? That sounds much too formal, they’re going to think I hate them. Why is this so difficult? All I need to do is set up an appointment!! Okay. Whatever, I asked, it’s professional, that’s fine. It’s done. What’s the appropriate way to sign now..? “Best”? Too cheery. “Cheers”? I would never say that, I would sound ridiculous. “Sincerely”? What if I google it? Okay, never mind, google’s suggestions are worse than my brain’s. Forget it, I’m just putting my name there.

Writing emails is a special kind of torture to me. But what really kills me is spending 30 minutes on something that should take no more than 2 minutes and getting a response such as:

“Sounds good! See you then.”

Oh. That’s all?



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