Horrendous Haircuts

In a society where we are constantly being judged on the way we look, appearance has become a very important thing. Part of our appearance relies heavily on our hair. The style, the color, the length, etc. Trends come and go, but no matter what’s in style I’ve learned something over the years: I hate getting my hair done. I have had one too many experiences where I walk out of a place wanting to cry/hide/shave-my-head/wear-hats-forever. But I can’t cut my own hair, so I always end up going back. Here’s the thing though: It’s not just that sometimes I get bad haircuts. The problem is my brain will not allow my mouth to say all the things I want to say. So, instead of politely asking the hairdresser to tweak a thing or two, I go home, and experiment for a couple of hours to see how I will rescue the horrendous haircut.

Let’s say, for example, I go in and ask for a trim, wanting to keep the general style I already have. But, I end up with this instead:


And I have no social skills (or self-respect for that matter) and I will reply in the following way:

Thank you

When on the inside, this is what I’m experiencing:

Haircut Collage

Hence my hatred of haircuts.

Have you had any bad experiences at a salon? Share them in a comment (I know I’m not alone)!


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