Talking is Hard

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Recently I went in to talk to a professor about a paper I was struggling with. Early on in the meeting, she mentioned that I repeated myself a lot in most of the essay. This must have really gotten in my head because after she said this, I couldn’t seem to come up with any responses to her comments that weren’t the words above. I’m pretty sure I said “okay” and similar words more times in the 30 minutes I met with her than I had in my whole college career. I could almost hear her thinking, “No wonder she keeps repeating things in her paper.” I don’t know what it is about talking to people one on one, but for some reason I freeze. My brain shuts down, leaving a puddle of a human being whose English skills are limited to that of a two year old who still can’t quite string words together to make decent sentences. That may be an exaggeration… but some days it really feels like an accurate description of my conversations with others. All I can do now is step it up on the paper, and hopefully redeem my failed attempt at communicating like a normal college student.


4 thoughts on “Talking is Hard

  1. Ari,
    I’m really enjoying your blog thus far, all your topics have been very relatable for me. I have been in this situation a few times, It can be intimating but most times it’s not as bad as we think it will be.


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