My Brain Is Convinced Everyone Hates Me


SayVersusHearSocial interactions are hard, especially when you’re convinced everyone is lying to you about their true intentions. I’m not a complete cynic, but I do have the tendency to pick apart people’s words and expressions. I’m convinced I can decipher what they really think, but if I’m being totally honest I’ve most likely been wrong on a multitude of occasions.

Regardless, this post comes from the idea that when we talk to people it’s easy to psyche ourselves out and imagine meanings in their words that aren’t necessarily there. I’ve learned it’s better to ask people to be honest with us about their thoughts, it saves us hours of pondering; after all, if you’re wondering whether a friend/colleague/significant other/family member/anyone you might ever know is being sincere, they are the ones you want to ask. Let your brain worry about other things!

Sidenote: I used the phrase “socially awkward” very loosely in the picture above, but I struggled to come up with a better term.


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